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10 Best Double DIN Head Units in 2023 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Even if you can’t afford to pick up the latest car to hit the market, there’s still a way to keep up with the advance in technological innovation.

By upgrading to a double DIN head unit, you can turn any old motor into a spacecraft of high-tech functionality!

The head unit is the hub of your dash – the home for your radio controls, CD and digital media inputs, and much more.

The superficial difference between a single DIN and a double DIN head unit is size: double DINs weight in at 4×7”, so they take up a little more space in your dash.

But when it comes to your head unit, size matters: with an enlarged screen, double DIN head units come with a hugely expanded range of functions.

Finding a new double DIN car stereo to replace your old car stereo puts you firmly in the driver’s seat. With responsive touchscreens, every app you can dream of, and rearview camera inputs, you don’t need to miss out on any new innovation.

With so many on the market, it can be hard to choose. How many roads must a man walk down, before he can find the perfect double DIN head unit?

That’s why we’ve assembled the best double DIN head units on the market for a thorough review. Strap in, here we go!

Best Double DIN Head Units in 2023

The right double DIN car stereo can turn your dull dashboard into a space-age control station. This is your captain speaking.

1. Alpine iLX-W650 – Best For Apple Users

Alpine’s iLX-W650 features a slimline 7” chassis making it compatible with a wide range of vehicles. And it’s built for both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, so whichever operating system you’ve opted for you’ll find seamless integration.

Alpine iLX-W650
  • Intuitive touchscreen
  • Easy installation
  • 9-band EQ
  • No disc drive for CD/DVD support
  • High price tag

Whilw Alpine iLX-W650 lacks a disc drive for the old-school amongst us, the double DIN head unit has dedicated support for Pandora, Spotify, and SiriusXM. There’s digital radio as well as a tuner for AM/FM – infinite listening choices.

With Alpine iLX-W650’s, you can connect via USB or Bluetooth, making life even easier. The intuitive touchscreen is really easy to use, featuring a bottom bar of buttons as well as a responsive screen. And when you’re driving, you can fall back on voice control to avoid fiddling with the dashboard controls.

Alpine iLX-W650’s additional front and rear camera inputs give you the option of recording and reversing with ease. Cameras, of course, aren’t included.

In terms of sound, the 18 watts RMS of the built-in amp won’t be blowing anyone’s socks off but for a double DIN head unit, it’s up there in terms of power. Amplifier upgrades exist, but they’ll set you back a few bucks – and you’re already paying through the nose for this unit.

Nevertheless, you can use the Alpine iLX-W650’s 9-band parametric EQ to tailor the sound to your taste.

Bottom Line Alpine iLX-W650 is a slimline unit that makes installation a breeze with no compromise on sound. View Latest Price on Amazon →

2. Pioneer AVH-X390BS – Best On A Budget

Pioneer AVH-X390BS is a great upgrade on your factory radio in the mid-price range.

Pioneer AVH-X390BS
  • CD/DVD compatibility
  • 13 band EQ
  • Super easy to use
  • Contrast insufficient for sunny days
  • No inbuilt apps for music streaming

With CD and DVD compatibility, Pioneer is proving that physical media isn’t dead yet. Slipping a mix CD into the dash is one pleasure of a long drive you don’t lose with Pioneer AVH-X390BS. And with dual Bluetooth and USB inputs, you can hook up your cell phone to get a range of your favorite music apps too, from Spotify to Pandora. Old school and new school combine to give you a powerful range of choices.

For radio fans there’s 18 FM presets and 6 AM presets to choose from. Or join the digital age with a SiriusXM subscription – although you’ll be paying extra for the tuner.

The Pioneer AVH-X390BS can also read a range of video formats, input via your phone through the USB connection, or from a good old-fashioned DVD. This turns your dashboard into a media hub – just don’t get too engrossed on the road.

The Pioneer AVH-X390BS’s touchscreen combines with a range of side-bar buttons for easy control. And hands-free mode is easy to use when you need to watch the road.

14 watts RMS power to four channels means Pioneer AVH-X390BS isn’t the most powerful unit on the market. 13 band EQ lets you tailor your tunes.

Bottom Line Pioneer AVH-X390BS is a great choice for blockbuster entertainment without breaking the bank. View Latest Price on Amazon →

3. ATOTO A6 PRO A6Y2721PRB-G – Best For Android Users

Built for Android users only, ATOTO A6 PRO A6Y2721PRB-G is an exceptionally intuitive system when paired with Google’s operating system. Whilst Apple fans might be left out, you get a hyper-specific and functional unit.

  • Built-in GPS receiver
  • Impressive power output
  • In-built apps for music streaming
  • No Apple integration – Android users only!

ATOTO A6 PRO A6Y2721PRB-G gives you the functionality of a tablet and more, right there in the dash. With in-built apps for Spotify, YouTube, and Pandora, all accessed through an intuitive touchscreen, you have a range of entertainment options at your fingertips.

ATOTO A6 PRO A6Y2721PRB-G’s in-built GPS navigation system means you’re freed from the need to hook your phone up for maps. You can even download maps to your head unit for offline use – great for long trips where you may be out of service.

In terms of sound, 4 x 29-watt output gives impressive power for a dual DIN head unit. Blast the tunes, and audiophiles can also customize the highs and lows with the 9 band EQ.

ATOTO A6 PRO A6Y2721PRB-G’s installation can be handled at home by the electronically minded – but recall that a fitting kit will need to be acquired separately.

Bottom Line For a mid-price double DIN head unit, ATOTO A6 PRO A6Y2721PRB-G offers you get great sound quality and integrated GPS systems. A great choice for Android users. View Latest Price on Amazon →

4. BOSS Audio Systems BV9358B – Best For In-Car Movie Marathons

In the audio equipment world, BOSS is a brand with a strong reputation preceding them. This BOSS Audio Systems BV9358B combines a powerful audio experience with a range of extra features.

BOSS Audio Systems BV9358B
  • Remote control, intuitive touch screen, and optional steering wheel control
  • CD and DVD compatibility
  • Great value
  • Recommended aftermarket amp is an additional purchase
  • Requires a smartphone for streaming

With CD and DVD compatibility, BOSS Audio Systems BV9358B is something of an entertainment hub. Heck, BOSS has even thrown in a remote control, bringing it even closer to a traditional lounge experience.

BOSS Audio Systems BV9358B also has AM/FM integration for traditional channel hopping. There are no digital capabilities in BOSS Audio Systems BV9358B, however. That means digital stations such as SiriusXM are out the window, and for streaming services, you’ll be reliant on your phone.

The lack of inbuilt Spotify and Pandora apps means you’ll spend more time on your mobile device, and less time looking at the road. It’s super easy to get connected, however, with AUX input as well as USB and Bluetooth. And integrating steering wheel controls makes it exceptionally easy to control your tunes at the wheel.

BOSS Audio Systems BV9358B boasts of an output of 80 watts max power, but the reality is that your RMS power is more relevant for these units. 40 watts RMS across four outputs doesn’t impress – if you want exceptional sound quality you’ll be buying aftermarket amplifiers to go along with this unit.

Bottom Line BOSS Audio Systems BV9358B is a good value unit for those seeking a dashboard entertainment hub. View Latest Price on Amazon →

5. Pioneer AVH-1400NEX – Best For Hands-Free

Pioneer AVH-1400NEX is a great unit for streaming services and radio access, but where it truly shines is through its hands-free capabilities.

Pioneer AVH-1400NEX
  • Features the latest Hands-Free Profile (HFP 1.6)
  • Inbuilt DVD player
  • Top quality sound
  • Clunky EQ control
  • Requires mobile devices for streaming services

Fitted with AM/FM and with inbuilt SiriusXM compatibility, Pioneer AVH-1400NEX offers you almost an infinite number of channels at your fingertips. You can also set up Pandora or Spotify with ease, although you’ll need to utilize a connection – through either Bluetooth or AUX input – to your mobile device.

For audiophiles, the EQ control might seem a little clunky, but with Pioneer AVH-1400NEX you should get a decent sound out of the 22 watt RMS power channel. And there’s a DVD player too – entertainment on long drives. Both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are supported, meaning you get an intuitive experience no matter your operating system.

So far, it’s everything you’d expect from a mid-priced double DIN head unit. But where the Pioneer AVH-1400NEX really shines is when you look at the hands-free modes. It comes with the HFP 1.6, the latest hands-free profile.

You do everything on Pioneer AVH-1400NEX without lifting a finger, including browsing media on your mobile device. Pioneer’s NEX range also boasts superior sound quality for calls and speech, giving you natural sounding conversation in the car.

There are a range of additional inputs to support add-ons, from the USB ports to facilitate charging to the backup camera output. This Pioneer AVH-1400NEX double DIN head unit becomes a great media hub for your vehicle.

Bottom Line Built for hands-free use and voice calls, so if you spend more time chatting than tuning in, Pioneer AVH-1400NEX could be for you. View Latest Price on Amazon →

6. BOSS Audio BVB9364RC – Best For Powerful Wattage

BOSS Audio BVB9364RC double DIN head unit will become a multimedia hub for your vehicle.

BOSS Audio Systems BVB9364RC
  • BOSS’s flagship 3-year warranty
  • Rearview camera included
  • Inbuilt CD/DVD player
  • No Apple CarPlay/Android Auto support
  • No support for SiriusXM

BOSS Audio BVB9364RC stands out from the crowd with its 30 watts RMS per channel, giving you more power when you’re cranking the tunes. However, when it comes to selection, you’ll be relying on your mobile device to go beyond the AM/FM offerings.

BOSS Audio BVB9364RC is a great hub for your car sound system if you don’t mind plugging your device in for access to streaming. There are no inbuilt apps for SiriusXM, nor Spotify or Pandora.

BOSS Audio BVB9364RC also lacks support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. If you’re addicted to your phone streamlining your life, you’ll miss this integration on the road. That makes it one for the old-school crowd. If you’re satisfied with channel hopping analog radio or dipping into your CD collection, you’ll be happy with this. And the DVD reader is an added bonus for entertainment on long drives.

Despite some limitations for the latest technology with BOSS Audio BVB9364RC, there are plenty of inputs – you can connect via Bluetooth, USB, and AUX. There are inputs for a rear camera too, which BOSS have generously bundled saving you another trip to the store.

Bottom Line Powerful wattage and a wide range of outputs, but BOSS Audio BVB9364RC lacks integration of modern mobile driving systems. View Latest Price on Amazon →

7. Pioneer DMH-1500NEX – Best Big Display Screen

With the 7” display becoming a focal point of your dashboard, this Pioneer DMH-1500NEX double-DIN head unit with all the integrated features is sure to become a fan favorite – if you can afford it.

Pioneer DMH-1500NEX
  • Bigger screen
  • Inbuilt streaming apps
  • Support for CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Expensive model
  • Screen suffers from smudging and glare

There’s no CD or DVD receiver here. But that befits a completely up-to-date Pioneer DMH-1500NEX built for smartphone integration, digital radio, and streaming. If you’re shopping for the latest in in-car tech, it’s time to throw out the physical media anyway.

Pioneer DMH-1500NEX’s compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Audio, it’s SiriusXM-ready, and has a dedicated inbuilt Spotify app for your streaming needs.

With Pioneer DMH-1500NEX, you can connect via Bluetooth, AUX, or USB, and whilst streaming works wirelessly, you’ll still need to wire up for Auto or CarPlay and to access GPS navigation.

Pioneer DMH-1500NEX boasts excellent audio quality and a 13 band fully adjustable EQ letting you fine-tune your tunes!

Pioneer DMH-1500NEX also has enough ports to keep you charging your devices and room for adding a rearview camera.

Integrated vehicle modes for your smartphone make it intuitive to use and, like other head units in the NEX range it features the latest in hands-free technology. You’ll need to make the most of that though because the 7” screen is susceptible to glare and suffers from smudging.

Bottom Line If you can stomach the price, integrated app support and a big screen make Pioneer DMH-1500NEX a great focal point on your dash. View Latest Price on Amazon →

8. ATOTO A6 Standard A6Y2710SB – Best Budget ATOTO Head Unit

ATOTO A6 Standard A6Y2710SB’s dedicated car media center is packed with inbuilt apps that make in-car entertainment a breeze.

ATOTO A6 Standard A6Y2710SB
  • Touch gesture operation
  • High-quality display
  • Integrated apps
  • Lacks a CD/DVD receiver

You’ve got Pandora, Spotify, and navigation apps at the touch of a button, and with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto supported by the ATOTO A6 Standard A6Y2710SB life on the road has never been easier. Everything should sound great too, with 24 watts of RMS power and a customizable sound through the EQ.

ATOTO Standard A6Y2710SB’s Easy Connection mode also gives you access to apps that aren’t yet supported by Apple or Android’s vehicle OS mode.

The main selling point of ATOTO A6 Standard A6Y2710SB is the ease of use. Everything you could possibly want has been designed and integrated. The touchscreen is responsive, and ATOTO A6 Standard A6Y2710SB’s touch gesture shortcuts allow you instant access to the high-frequency operations you require.

With ATOTO A6 Standard A6Y2710SB, you can connect wirelessly or through the AUX input and there’s an additional USB port. The 1024*600 IPS display screen looks great for all your media. It’s a shame that the absence of a DVD receiver means the thing you’ll most commonly see is the view of your reversing camera!

Bottom Line A stunning display and integrated apps make ATOTO A6 Standard A6Y2710SB a great mid-price option. View Latest Price on Amazon →

9. JVC KWR930BT – Best Non-Touchscreen Unit

Not everyone wants to board the technology train. If you find touchscreens an unnecessary distraction while you’re driving, then JVC’s old-school-style JVC KWR930BT head unit will be a great choice.

  • 13 grade EQ
  • Built-in MOSFET amp
  • Dual Bluetooth
  • Stylish design
  • Lack of app integration
  • No touchscreen

For those who aren’t completely immersed in our new tactile world, JVC KWR930BT’s completely intuitive, with button panels and a volume dial, all backlit in neon shades to create a stylish centerpiece for your in-car media.

As well as analog channels JVC KWR930BT is SiriusXM ready for a plethora of digital tunes. And it supports the play of a wide range of media formats from MP3 to the audiophile’s favored FLAC. And it supports CDs too if you’re still rocking them.

Bluetooth connection gives you access to music streaming via your mobile device. While the JVC KWR930BT itself doesn’t have any dedicated streaming apps, you can easily hook up Spotify or Pandora from your phone.

JVC KWR930BT sounds great, with a 13 band EQ for optimizing your tunes and the built-in MOSFET amp with 22 watts RMS. It’s a great choice for music connoisseurs with little desire for added extras.

JVC KWR930BT’s dual Bluetooth gives you and a passenger easy access to hands-free calling – switching between phones is seamless and intuitive in what could have been a clunky system. But the absence of a bigger display means there’s no integrated navigation. You’ll be left squinting at your phone to get from A to B.

Bottom Line JVC KWR930BT is a great-sounding budget upgrade for your stereo, but lacks many of the modern conveniences. View Latest Price on Amazon →

10. JVC KW-V25BT – Best JVC Touchscreen Unit

Coming in at the mid-price range, JVC’s touchscreen JVC KW-V25BT double DIN head unit features tons of integrated apps with great functionality.

  • Integrated apps
  • CD and DVD reader
  • On-screen navigation
  • 22 watts RMS power
  • No Apple CarPlay
  • Lacks an AUX input

Compatible with Android Auto, but not Apple CarPlay (sorry Apple fans) JVC KW-V25BT features a stylish 6.2” touchscreen with a button sidebar and CD/DVD receiver above the screen.

The neon glow behind the buttons is a stylish touch. But this isn’t all style and no substance, JVC KW-V25BT’s a solid unit that can do almost everything.

The JVC KW-V25BT’s integrated apps, including SiriusXM, Spotify, and Pandora lets you access your tunes at the touch of a button. Everything should sound great with 22 watts across four channels and 13 band EQ for fine-tuning. And through Bluetooth or wired connectivity, you can get your navigation on-screen for easy driving.

JVC KW-V25BT comes with plenty of ports, including for a rearview camera which can be bundled with the unit to give you exceptional value.

Bottom Line Bundled with a rearview camera you get great value from this stylish JVC KW-V25BT touchscreen head unit. View Latest Price on Amazon →

The Buyer’s Guide to Choosing Right Double DIN Head Unit

There’s a lot to look for in double DIN head units. Whether you just want a shiny touchscreen for GPS navigation or an in-car media hub to keep everyone entertained, here’s how to navigate the world of double-DIN head units.

Sound And Video Quality

This is a media center, so the quality of your sound and video (if your unit includes supported video) is going to be of primary importance.

Most of these units are powered to around 50 watts peak power, meaning they’ll never blow the roof off. For aftermarket sound systems, look elsewhere.

But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the listening experience entirely – adjustable EQ will give you the power to customize sound how you like it.

And nowadays we’re used to watching the action in incredible 4K – heck, even home videos from our phones offer this degree of quality. If you want incredible resolution on the road, picking the best screen on the market is the only way.

Connectivity Options

In today’s interconnected world, the connectivity options on your double DIN head unit is going to make a big difference in how you use it.

Whether you’re in the Apple fan club or you’re an Android obsessive, you’ll want to make sure your unit can connect to Apple and Google’s driving modes respectively. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto hook your vehicle up to your cell phone, making your mobile truly mobile! Compatibility with these functions will make your life easier.

If you’re someone who likes getting wired, look out for physical connections too – from USB ports to aux inputs, some of these units have it all.

Intuitive Interface

One thing you don’t want to find yourself doing on the busy highway is trying to figure out how to change the radio station. Eyes on the road, please!

By introducing a big, shiny screen to our dashboard, we’re running the risk of distraction. So an intuitive interface isn’t just for ease of use. It’s a genuine safety feature.

From touchscreens to voice control there is a range of options to help you keep your attention on the car in front. But cheaper double DIN car stereos will often have a control panel of buttons at the bottom – you might even prefer a few simple options rather than a whole interactive screen.

How easy your double DIN head unit is to use can turn driving into a serene experience, so be mindful about the user interface.


The DIY-savvy and electronically educated can install their own double DIN head unit and, with the help of a YouTube video and an adapter kit, installation should be a breeze.

But it’s intimidating to start destroying your car’s dashboard, so I wouldn’t blame you if you called in the professionals. And in fact, the kit you need for installation can cost a pretty penny so you might not be saving as much as you think.

If you are going for self-install, make sure you carefully measure up the dimensions of your dash so you know how much space you have to work with, and pick up the installation kit and extras like antennas before getting started.

Further Features

As well as these essential considerations to find your perfect double DIN car stereo, there are a number of added extras to look out for. When you’re feeling spoiled for choice, these features can seal the deal.

CD/DVD Compatibility

Okay, physical media is so last century. But plenty of us are still hanging on to mountains of CDs and DVDs. With 24/7 streaming, you’re not going to need these at home anytime soon, but they could find a new home in the car.

Long drives go faster when you’re rocking out to an old mixtape. And you’ll really appreciate it when the kids are engrossed in a DVD for hours on end!

Streaming Services

Accessing your favorite music apps from the dash gives you a world of choice about your tunes.

Whether you’re Team Tidal or a Spotify streamer, making sure your chosen streaming service is compatible with your double DIN head unit is a must.

The popularity of Spotify means that many of these units have dedicated, in-built Spotify compatibility but if your choice of streaming service is as esoteric as your tune choice then you’ll need to ensure it’s supported.

In-Built GPS Navigation

Can you remember the last time I took a trip without plugging it into a GPS planner beforehand? Google Maps can save you hours on even familiar drives, rerouting you away from roadworks or accidents that hold up traffic.

Having GPS navigation built into your dashboard gives you instant access to the best routes – you’ll never be lost again. For a deep dive into these navigation system, check our top options here.


There’s only one thing worse than road rage and that’s road envy.

Stop peering into other people’s cabs at the lights, trying to check out their in-car setup. Instead, you can upgrade your vehicle’s head unit to a fancy double DIN option with every tool you need for comfortable driving.

Frustrated channel hopping ends here, with all your favorite Spotify playlists at the touch of a button.

And no more getting lost, squinting at your phone for directions in unfamiliar cities. GPS navigation, right on your dash, will get you home.

These double DIN head units won’t break the bank. Put the pedal to the metal and upgrade your head unit today.

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