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8 Best Car In-Dash DVD Players in 2023 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Auto manufacturers continue to push the boundaries on what’s obtainable for car entertainment systems. These automakers understand the need to keep you and your loved ones engaged while driving to and from your destination.

Today, the vehicle center console is currently the latest battleground for car manufacturers as they seek to one-up the other on who has the best in-dash car DVD player.

However, stock options often fall short, leaving you no choice but to purchase an aftermarket product.

You might be overwhelmed with the hundreds of options available from renowned brands like Alpine, Sony, Polk, and Pioneer, amongst many others.

That’s why we’ve taken the time, so you can save yours, to review and bring you the best in-dash car DVD players on the market today.

And if our choices don’t convince you, there’s a buyers guide at the end of this article.

The Best Car In-Dash DVD Players in 2023

1. Pioneer AVH-210EX – Best Overall

It’s almost impossible to talk about car entertainment systems without mentioning Pioneer. The Pioneer AVH-210EX is the best overall with a reasonable 6.2″ that ensures easy viewing for front and back passengers without squinting.

Pioneer AVH-210EX
Feature Specification
Dimensions 10 x 6.5 x 11 inches
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth, Auxiliary, USB
Output Wattage 50 watts

The pricing is proper, unlike many others. This Pioneer AVH-210EX in-dash player is ideal for kids and is arguably better than flip-down monitors on the market because it’s stationary and less prone to breakage. The DVD Receiver is easy to install with the right tools and knowledge.

The picture and sound are the bread and butter of this Pioneer AVH-210EX player and are two features that separate Pioneer from the pack.

The Pioneer AVH-210EX’s sound is pristine and will make you feel you were at the cinema if you hook it up to an amp and subwoofer. You’ll love the sharp and crisp picture viewable by everyone in the vehicle. Moreover, you’d be very impressed with the responsive touchscreen that obeys your commands almost intuitively, allowing you to navigate the console quickly.

To get the most out of your bass, this Pioneer AVH-210EX in-dash DVD player covers all the bases, including listening positions, speaker levels, and subwoofer settings. You should get this product if your factory unit lacks Bluetooth features.

The Pioneer AVH-210EX provides hands-free calls via Bluetooth. It connects seamlessly to your smartphone to play your favorite Spotify songs.

For all its greatness, the Pioneer AVH-210EX has an Achilles heel. We’d have loved to have more background customization options, and the volume knob would have been preferable to buttons. There aren’t any apparent failings with this Pioneer AVH-210EX DVD center console unit. You’d look at the flaws with a magnifying glass to find something you’d consider a deal-breaker.

Moreover, this Pioneer AVH-210EX in-dash car DVD player has RGB lightning to enhance your vehicle appearance. It ships with a DVD player for people who enjoy playing movies from a CD. It’s undoubtedly great value with 90% of the features you’d find on a console unit twice the price.

Bottom Line Pioneer AVH-210EX is a solid, affordable double-DIN touchscreen receiver provides terrific value at a reasonable price. View Latest Price on Amazon →

2. Pioneer AVH-X390BS – Best for Satellite Radio

Pioneer AVH-X390BS is a DVD player with a satellite radio is like having your cake and eating it, and no in-dash console DVD does this better than the AVH-X390BS. But before you get the lowdown on its satellite features, you’d be happy to know this stereo churns out enormous power.

Pioneer AVH-X390BS
Feature Specification
Dimensions 11 x 9.5 x 6 inches
Peak 50 watts x 4 channels
RMS 14 watts x 4 channels

Pioneer AVH-X390BS’s 200-watt output provides excellent audio even with your stock speakers! Additionally, there’s a 13-band EQ to play with, and you get third-party streaming services like Pandora and Spotify to boot.

Even though the satellite radio features put this Pioneer AVH-X390BS in-dash car DVD on the map, it’s the sound that’s the most surprising feature. You may need to consider adding a subwoofer on this PIONEER DVD player with minimal distortion at the highest volume.

However, Pioneer AVH-X390BS’s a bit chunky at 5 lbs and may not be the best option if you’re looking for a more lightweight product. The Pioneer AVH-X390BS comes with a remote controller to give you more control, and unlike other competitors, you can switch off the display to focus on the road.

You can tweak the background settings with up to thirteen different customization settings to play to your heart’s content. Bluetooth reception varies quality-wise, but Bluetooth connectivity on this in-dash player is quicker than many you’d find on the market. The Bluetooth connects seamlessly with Android and iOS devices, including your iPhone and iPad.

Moreover, Bluetooth connectivity gives you clear phone calls with voice commands. You can use the navigation system with clear directions from your stock speakers. You can also change the background or lighting for a more refreshing look.

Additionally, Pioneer AVH-X390BS has an app called AppRadioLive that improves the functionality of your DVD player with better navigation, amongst other things. This player is also compatible with a backup camera.

You’d be doing yourself a disservice if you purchased one without the other. SiriusXM radio lovers will enjoy this satellite-ready player that gives you non-stop jams from your favorite satellite radio stations.

It’s worth mentioning there are some issues to consider. Firstly, Pioneer AVH-X390BS’s resistive touchscreen isn’t the best on the market. And while installation isn’t a challenge, you’d still need to buy a wiring harness for your vehicle. Overall, it’s still a fantastic product unless your navigation solely depends on Waze.

Bottom Line Pioneer AVH-X390BS is an almost faultless DVD player with more features than flaws. View Latest Price on Amazon →

3. Pioneer AVH-210EX – Best for Smartphone Compatibility

Don’t let the model number fool you. This Pioneer AVH-210EX shares the same model number as our best overall but is an entirely different center console unit. Firstly the former is lighter at 1.8lbs while this DVD unit comes in at 3.7lbs.

Pioneer AVH-210EX
Feature Specification
Dimensions ‎6.5 x 7 x 3.88 inches
Screen Size 6.2 Inches
Screen Display Resistive Touchscreen

Additionally, Pioneer AVH-210EX supports Apple Carplay and Android Auto compared to the latter. You also receive Alphasonik Earbuds with this in-dash DVD player. We’d have loved an upgrade on the touchscreen, but it’s still resistive instead of capacitive.

This Pioneer AVH-210EX has a great microphone that ensures you don’t raise your voice while on a call. You can also choose from many colors to lighten your car’s interior. It’s mildly annoying that the AUX/IN and USB are at the back, which makes it tedious to use.

On a positive note, the buttons are where they should be, and you can upgrade this Pioneer AVH-210EX center console with a separate wheel control and backup camera. The wheel control makes navigation even more convenient, and the backup camera makes it easier to reverse.

The Pioneer AVH-210EX DVD player accepts multiple formats. And while the display doesn’t impress, the price and functionality of this DVD console unit make it hard to resist.

Bottom Line This Pioneer AVH-210EX DVD player offers more features for the price and is a suitable upgrade for stock stereo. View Latest Price on Amazon →

4. Pioneer AVH-2300NEX (Discontinued by Manufacturer) – Best Multimedia

You won’t be wrong to suspect the AVH-2300NEX was discontinued because it was overpowered. The 7″ display is responsive despite its resistive nature. You only need a light touch to navigate the controls.

Pioneer AVH-2300NEX
Feature Specification
Dimensions ‎11 x 9.5 x 6 inches
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
Output Wattage 50 Watts

The audio quality is worth the cost of Pioneer AVH-2300NEX, and that’s the tip of the iceberg. A standout feature is the ability to interchange multiple smartphones and maintain two phones for voice calls.

You can even take turns streaming music with your loved ones while on the road. Unlike many DVD console players that focus on one Operating System to the detriment of the other, the Pioneer AVH-2300NEX responds nicely to Android and iOS devices.

Let’s not forget the DVD player plays any type of CD you throw at it. Besides, you can mute the navigation voice command to prevent it from interfering with your music. There might be a logical reason why this Pioneer AVH-2300NEX console unit was discontinued. Still, the only apparent drawback is the single USB port.

Pioneer AVH-2300NEX’s installation is more straightforward than most, and you can get it fitted into your dash in less than an hour. If you intend to keep your stock speakers, run a 3.5mm cable alongside the USB cable. The audio cable will vastly improve your audio quality, courtesy of PIONEER’s Auto EQ.

However, you’d need to purchase the AUTO EQ microphone separately. It only takes a few minutes to install, and it provides a world of difference in audio quality. This Pioneer AVH-2300NEX in-dash car DVD player supports satellite radio requiring only the installation of a SiriusXM receiver.

Bluetooth syncs nicely and responds as soon as you start your vehicle. Say goodbye to tangled AUX cords and 3.5mm Jacks because you can easily listen to audiobooks, podcasts, Pandora, and Spotify.

There’s so much to love about Pioneer AVH-2300NEX and a few drawbacks to consider. The AppRadio is buggy and diminishes what’s otherwise an excellent product. A good thing you won’t need it due to the quality of Carplay and Android Auto. Additionally, the WVGA screen isn’t as sharp as many competitors. Still, the overall performance makes Pioneer AVH-2300NEX worth its weight in value.

Bottom Line The Pioneer AVH-2300NEX is discontinued, but it will continue to live long in the hearts of many. View Latest Price on Amazon →

5. JVC KW-V330BT – Best with Camera

This JVC JVC KW-V330BT in-dash DVD player ships with a backup camera which already makes this console stereo worth buying. It’s one of the heaviest on this list, weighing 6lbs, primarily due to the powerful 200-watt output. The 6.8″ resistive touchscreen features variable color illumination.

Feature Specification
Brand JVC
Dimensions ‎17 x 15.25 x 9.75 inches
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth, USB
Wattage 200 watts

While the USB is at the back of the JVC KW-V330BT DVD player, it has a longer USB cable that you can run from the back of the center console unit. This JVC KW-V330BT player is SiriusXM-ready if satellite radio is your preferred entertainment.

However, you’d need to spend a little extra to buy the XM radio tuner for the device. The best feature of JVC KW-V330BT for most users is the backup camera that automatically switches on when you place your vehicle on reverse gear.

What’s more, this JVC KW-V330BT can use Steering Wheel Controls which improves the functionality of the in-dash car DVD player, allowing you to navigate the screen as you navigate the road. But this feature requires another control module you’d need to buy separately.

JVC KW-V330BT’s installation is relatively straightforward, even though you might need to purchase vehicle-specific parts for a flawless finish. We’d have preferred a physical volume knob to control the volume rather than tap on the screen, but it does the job.

The camera quality isn’t the best, and you’d be better off buying a dedicated backup camera for JVC KW-V330BT. On the whole, it’s a pretty decent product for the price.

Bottom Line JVC KW-V330BT’s flaws are noticeable but not a deal-breaker because of the price. View Latest Price on Amazon →

6. Pioneer AVH-2500NEX – Best Premium

The PIONEER AVH-2500NEX is an upgrade on the AVH-2300NEX, so it’s no surprise the in-dash DVD player makes it to the list.

Pioneer AVH-2500NEX
Feature Specification
Dimensions ‎11 x 6.5 x 9.5 inches
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth

Just like its predecessor, this Pioneer AVH-2500NEX console unit supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, allowing you to expand your smartphone capabilities into your vehicle. The PIONEER NEX in-dash stereo line is highly responsive.

The Pioneer AVH-2500NEX is no different, with a 6.8″ resistive screen responding to the slightest touch. Moreover, the in-dash DVD receiver supports Amazon Alexa thanks to the Vozsis smartphone app for Android and iOS.

It’s worth mentioning this Pioneer AVH-2500NEX receiver lacks an in-built GPS. If you’d like to enjoy navigation features, we recommend relying on the GPS on your smartphone. Besides, you can stream Netflix or YouTube with additional accessories, making your drive to your destination a more pleasurable experience with the family.

There are complaints that the Pioneer AVH-2500NEX DVD stereo receiver doesn’t play USB. But that’s not true. All you need to do is to format your thumb drive into FAT32.

Additionally, Pioneer AVH-2500NEX doesn’t have a volume knob which is a mild annoyance for old-school users.

There’s little use buying a center console stereo if it’s a nightmare to install, and the Pioneer AVH-2500NEX installs like a dream. You’ll also find various YouTube videos with clear directions for a DIY install.

Bottom Line Pioneer AVH-2500NEX is one exceptional DVD stereo that has all the essential features worth your consideration. View Latest Price on Amazon →

7. XO Vision X358 – Best Single DIN

If you’re looking for a single-DIN in-dash DVD player, consider the XO Vision X358. It’s a solid 7″ display with a larger screen size than many double-DIN receivers.

XO Vision X358
Feature Specification
Brand XO Vision
Dimensions ‎4.13 x 8.97 x 12 inches
Display Type LCD
Screen Size 7 Inches

XO Vision X358 doesn’t look like much because of the pricing, but you can hook up your smartphone to the back RCA inputs and enjoy your movie on the screen. Bluetooth gives you access to hands-free features, including voice dialing. And while the microphone is average, the audio quality is clear enough without distortion. Installation isn’t as easy as many in this list, and you’d need to buy a separate harness adapter before sorting out the wiring.

We recommend using a shrink tube to protect the fragile connections from rain and dust. The best feature of XO Vision X358 is controlling the music using the steering wheel controls. In addition, the sound isn’t half bad, and you can tweak the output to come out from specific speakers.

This XO Vision X358 DVD player accepts DVD, CD, MP3, and MP4 formats and supports USB thumb drives. And unlike many on this list, there’s an SD card slot for more functionality.

Moreover, the LCD offers a sharper picture quality that brings your movies to life. This XO Vision X358 won’t be a balanced review without addressing the failings. The X358 has no GPS, and you’d have to consider a different product if that’s a feature you need.

But that’s not all. The major setback is the sudden screen failure that affects the XO Vision X358 DVD player. We recommend a professional install to get the best out of your center console unit and increase its service life.

Bottom Line The XO Vision X358 provides a decent bargain for the price despite a few niggling issues. View Latest Price on Amazon →

8. Power Acoustik PD-651B – Best Affordable

The Power Acoustik PD-651B is an in-dash DVD player designed for people who need a receiver with the most basic functionality. Unlike many products on this list, this DVD player can ship with a wiring harness or installation dash, whichever you prefer.

Power Acoustik PD-651B
Feature Specification
Dimensions ‎7 x 9.5 x 9.7 inches
Screen Size 6.5″ LCD Touchscreen

The Power Acoustik PD-651Bs 6.5″ screen has 5″ of display which isn’t a bad investment for the price. However, the widescreen resolution is the lowest on this list at 300 x 400p. You won’t find GPS navigation, Apple Carplay, or Android Auto.

The price reflects the features, and you can’t do much with this Power Acoustik PD-651B in-dash DVD player. However, it plays DVDs, and the Bluetooth offers hands-free dialing and voice command.

Supported smartphones can enjoy Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) to play your mp3 music collections through the stereo. In sum, Power Acoustik PD-651B is a center console that doesn’t pretend to be what it isn’t and is still good value for the price.

Bottom Line The Power Acoustik PD-651B struggles to impress but has the bare necessities to keep you entertained. View Latest Price on Amazon →

Before You Buy: The Buyer’s Guide to Choosing Best In-Dash DVD Player

Center console DVD units keep evolving with current technology. Renowned brands launch new products every quarter, and you might be overwhelmed by the many types of DVD receivers on the market.

As a result, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to increase your odds of finding a suitable in-dash car DVD Player.

Car In-dash DVD Player

Benefits of an in-Dash Car DVD Player

  • Convenience: Most center console units have capacitive or resistive displays, making them easy to use. You can find DVD players with Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free calling.
  • Navigation: Again, many DVD players have navigation built-in. You can also find in-dash receivers that support navigation through your iOS or Android device. This feature is helpful if you’re frequently on the road.
  • Media playback: DVDs aren’t the only way to watch videos. In-dash car DVD players have various video formats you can enjoy through USB and SD cards. On top of that, there are other forms of entertainment like iHeartRadio, SiriusXM, Spotify, and Pandora.
  • Engagement: long trips can get tiring, and one way to keep passengers, especially kids, is an in-dash car DVD Player. It’s highly functional and has many features to run down the clock until you arrive at your destination.

Types of In-Dash Car DVD Player

In-dash car DVD players come in two standard sizes, as seen below:

Single DIN

Single Din center console receivers are typically smaller at 2″. Many single DIN units don’t have screens. Still, you can find a product that deploys the display from within the player and retracts back after use.

Double DIN

Double Din receivers have the same width as single DIN units but are twice the length of the former. The height makes it convenient to fix the display to the panel front and is easier to view from the vehicle back seat.

Factors to Consider

The factors to consider depend on what you’re looking for in an in-dash car DVD Player.


The in-dash car DVD Player you opt for will largely depend on your budget. The higher-priced receivers often have more features, including GPS, HD screens, Satellite Radio, better build quality.

The lower-priced receivers have less functionality, but you can still find a console unit with lots of features at a reasonable price range.

Screen Size & Resolution

Larger screen models offer better viewing quality for your passengers. Most models range between 6″ to 7,” but it’s not uncommon to find in-dash car DVD players at 9″-10″.

Consider a more prominent in-dash car DVD player to improve navigation and entertainment if you own a spacious vehicle. You can also find DVD players with high-definition pictures, but these products have a higher price range.


The primary aim of an aftermarket center console is to improve in-car convenience to make your trip easier. This means having a DVD receiver that has Bluetooth built-in, including Apps that will enhance the functionality of your smartphone.

The best DVD players are compatible with iOS and Android devices. You can even enjoy third-party streaming services like Pandora, Alexa, and Spotify right from your device.

Other Considerations

  • Volume knob: Yep, the volume knob is a deal-breaker for many users when buying an in-dash car DVD Player.
  • Satellite Radio: You need to make sure your player is SiriusXM-ready if you enjoy listening to satellite radio
  • Anti-glare screen: Flagship models often come with anti-glare screens to allow you to enjoy the DVD receiver in bright light conditions. However, this feature often reduces the picture quality making the image look Grainger than usual.
  • Background Customization: Some units provide more customization options to improve your vehicle ambiance.
  • Preamp Output: An aftermarket in-dash car DVD Player might be your first step towards overhauling your vehicle’s entertainment system. If you want to install a subwoofer in the future, ensure your center console unit has preamp outputs to optimize both hardware with ease.
  • Remote control: You have to believe a remote vastly improves your user experience when driving on the road. Additionally, you get control over what’s playing on the in-dash car DVD Player with better volume controls.
  • Unit size: Your vehicle size and available space play a significant role in the type of center console to buy. Some DVD console receivers are designed for trucks like the F-150, while others are built for smaller cars. Single DIN Units are often better for compact vehicles, while Double DINs work best for SUVs.
  • Detachable front: A detachable front plate is a genius way to deter potential thieves from stealing your center console unit. You can detach the plate and take it along when you park your car. The console unit can’t work without the front plate, preventing any theft.

Wrapping Up…

In-dash console units are the future of car entertainment and take away the stress of spending hours on the road.

Current in-dash car DVD players are more than a match for antsy kids, keeping them quiet and glued to their seats on a long trip.

Additionally, these devices improve vehicle safety by installing a backup camera that allows you to see better in reverse gear.

The many features and audio quality make these center console stereos essential for daily trips and your vehicle an absolute joy to drive.

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