About Us

SensibleMotive started as a passion project and grew into something more.

The seed was planted by friends asking me “Which subwoofer should I buy”, a family member asking “What aftermarket security devices do I need”, and a neighbor asking “Did I get a good deal at the garage?” (Answer: no!)

I realized that in the automobile world, knowledge was power. A trustworthy resource for all things car-related could really help people.

And so I started this website. Welcome to SensibleMotive.

Our Contributors

We’re growing a team of experts on all things vehicle-related. From speakers to security to data-driven research about traffic, culture, and infrastructure, we’re a voice you can trust.

Robert Muñoz

Robert Muñoz
Founder of SensibleMotive

Robert Muñoz – Automotive Electrician, Auto Mechanic And Road Safety Expert.

Robert is the chief editor and founder of SensibleMotive. He went full circle from tinkering at his Uncle’s repair shop to giving up a career in engineering to start his own garage. He has a wealth of experience in the spheres of vehicle audio, security, and repairs and he’s glad to be sharing his knowledge with the world at SensibleMotive.

I studied engineering at college, but after a few years working in the industry, I was unsatisfied playing a minor role in larger projects. I went back to my roots, tinkering with vehicles, and, eventually, opened my own garage to serve my local community.

I started out sharing my tips and tricks with friends and family, but after some encouragement, I decided to share them with the wider world. And that’s you! I’m a firm believer that anyone can take on the majority of their own vehicle maintenance.

I’ve been featured on: BestLifeOnline, GoBankingRates, MoneyGeek and Yahoo Lifestyle.

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Our Mission

We believe that with the right information, everyone can be empowered to take on the majority of their vehicle’s maintenance.

And in a world of tightened budgets and rising gas prices, it’s imperative to do so!

From upgrading your sound system to replacing your car battery, we want to inspire the world to get under the hood and understand their vehicle.

So we’ve created a library of expert reviews of the best products on the market, with a detailed breakdown of how to choose the right item for your project.

And in our Guides hub, we’re breaking down the most challenging car maintenance problems. From wiring guides to stubborn engine trouble, we’ve got you covered.

Ultimately, our mission is to put the power back in your own hands. Take control of your vehicle maintenance – it’s not as hard as you’d think.

How To Use Our Reviews

In a world run by Amazon and eBay, it’s easy to become paralyzed by choice. What the heck is the difference between the SmartDrive 4000 and the SmartDrive-B 4000.1, after all?

So we’ve rounded up the best of the best, and we present them to you in an accessible format.

That means no more reading-the-small-print. No more frustration with obfuscated features and compatibility.

Our reviews take 6 to 12 of the best products on the market, we rigorously test them and then we compare the results. We present these results to you in a readable format. Simple!

In our reviews, you’ll find a qualitative report of the product, followed by the pros and cons and, lastly, the bottom line. If you’re trying to make a quick decision, this structure will help you find the right product, fast.

And if you’re someone who likes to go into detail, then take your time with the body of our reviews where we highlight all features, talk about installation and break down value for money.

What is a Buying Guide?

When you embark on a new automobile project it’s like stepping into a strange world, surrounded by plants and buzzing insects you don’t recognize. It’s pretty disorienting!

Our Buying Guides are built to help you get your bearings. It’s where we introduce you to the way in which these products can differ, the different specs you might find, and the features you want to look out for.

We also break down everything you need to know about installation, and we help you understand what value for money means in the context of a certain range of products.

And most importantly, we talk about what’s going to work for your vehicle. With years of experience in the automobile industry, we know that what works for one person isn’t right for another. We want to help you choose what’s right for you.

Editorial Guidelines

With so many products to choose from, how do we boil it down to the top ten? Or 8, or 6?

Every product we recommend gets our seal of approval, so it’s not easy to make the list I’ll tell ya. I don’t care if it is a diamond-encrusted speaker. Does it sound as good as gold?

We carefully watch which new products come to market each year, both from well-established and firmly trusted brands we love to newcomers in the industry. shaking it up with innovations.

We also aim to provide well-rounded round-ups of the best products. That means we pick from a range of budgets and tailor our selection to a range of specifications.

Generally, though, our picks are guided by the following principles:

  • Is it something we love ourselves?
  • Does it offer value for money?
  • Is it well-built, robust, and long-lasting?
  • Does it improve or innovate on existing products?
  • Are we hearing great things about it across the industry?
  • And are customer reviews proving that it’s a worthwhile piece of kit out in the wild?

If it ticks all the boxes, then you’re bound to find it in one of our reviews.

How Do We Test?

We want to be a source of real-world, practical advice. So we want to know that everything works in practice as well as on paper.

That means we do our best to put every product we recommend through its paces.

Of course, we can’t always test every product. I wish I had enough vehicles to simultaneously test twelve double din head units, but I don’t (yet).

When we can’t directly test a product, we meticulously inspect the specifications and use our years of industry experience to gauge its value. Even when we haven’t put a product through its paces directly, there’s usually an industry contact who has.

That’s why we’re confident that all the information in our reviews is accurate, honest, and unbiased.

What If I’m On A Budget?

One of the driving principles of our reviews is value for money. And while sometimes it’s hard to compete with the top-spec, top-price tag products, we always have a basic model that cuts the mustard.

All of our reviews and round-ups will identify a “Best on a Budget” product that offers long-term reliability and high performance balanced against cost. Like we said, we think everyone can take on their own car maintenance – so don’t let experience or budget hold you back.

Our Data-Driven Research

As well as offering in-depth reviews and round-ups of the best products on the market, we’re also at the cutting edge of driving, technology, and infrastructure.

Our research is meticulously assembled and based on the latest data, giving journalists and readers a snapshot of the social, cultural, and economic situation of all things driving-related.

Our data-driven research topics take a look under the hood and get right to the heart of these contemporary issues.

We Listen

Even with all our years of experience and industry contacts, there’s still one more ingredient we need.

And that’s feedback.

After all, there’s a big difference between a car accessory right out of the box and after it’s taken a 10,000-mile beating.

Our readers form an essential part of the process. So let us know what you like, what you love, and which products have let you down on your automobile projects!

Reviews You Can Trust

We aim to be an unbiased and reliable source of information on all things automobile. That’s why we’ll be totally transparent about any affiliations we have, or when our reviewers don’t have first-hand experience with the products they’re writing about.

Our reviews are created from a mixture of personal use, industry knowledge, customer reviews, and detailed and expert analysis of manufacturer information. These are reviews you can trust.

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