How To Fix A Touch Screen Car Stereo – Quick Methods

If you’ve ever had to deal with a broken car stereo, you know how frustrating it can be. It’s even worse when the stereo is touchscreen and won’t work at all.

Don’t worry – here are some quick ways that you can fix your broken touch screen car stereo.

But let’s first start with the problems your touch screen stereo might have.

Problems Making the Touch Screen Stereo Not Work

What are some of the problems your stereo might have? Let’s look at a few of those problems.

1. Not Being Responsive

Touchscreens can be a lot of fun when they respond to your touch immediately. You may get annoyed if your screen is unresponsive no matter how many times you rub on it.

Unresponsive screens are very common – there are several reasons this happens! For example, if the touch screen loses calibration, it won’t know where or how hard you’re touching.

Dirt and dust can build up on the touchscreen, which will make it unresponsive and prone to damage. So cleaning your screen regularly is a must.

2. Stereo Having a Software Bug

Sometimes, the touch screen may not work because of a software bug. For example, the touchscreen may have had a glitch or error appear on it, which will prevent it from working.

It’s not the screen that can have this problem – the stereo itself can have bugs. So if you’re experiencing issues with your touch screen car stereo, check if an update is available for your system.

To fix a software bug you’ll need to update your computer’s operating system. Alternatively, you can contact the touch screen manufacturer to give you instructions. Updating is usually as simple as downloading an app and following some directions.

3. A Wiring Problem

An internal wiring problem will cause your touchscreen not to work. An internal wiring problem occurs due to heavy vibration or faulty installation.

The wiring may be loose or damaged. First, try to identify the problem by checking the wires. If they are loose, then tighten them up and see if there is an improvement in your screen’s response.

If the wires have been damaged, you will need to replace them altogether. If the wires are damaged, don’t try to replace them yourself; instead, contact a professional.

4. Issues with Overheating

You might have a problem with the touch screen in your car if it gets too hot and stops working. Overheating can happen if you’ve been playing music for hours at full blast.

When your touchscreen stops responding, you should first turn the system off and let it cool down.

If this doesn’t fix the problem, then check to see if there is an issue with your car’s cooling system. If not, you may have a problem with your system’s software. You can try turning it off and on again or go through a reset procedure to fix the problem.

If turning it off isn’t an option, use buttons to do what you want instead of touching the screen.

5. System Having Difficulty Processing

Your touchscreen may not be working because the unit’s software cannot process what you’re trying to do. Your touchscreen not working can happen due to many things going on at once. For instance, using Bluetooth and something else that needs a lot of processing power at once.

Be patient and wait till the problem settles before you fix it. Then, next time your touch screen is not working even after everything else in your car has calmed down, try restarting it by turning it off then on again.

6. Your Touch Screen Has Dirt

Your touch screen may be dirty, and that is why it does not respond to touches. Use a damp microfiber cloth and wipe until no fingerprints or marks are left on the touchscreen to solve this problem. Then, try using it again after wiping out oil and other substances.

7. Issues with Calibration

If your touchscreen isn’t working as it should, then maybe the issue is calibration. Calibration is the process of adjusting your touchscreen so that it works in a way that is compatible with your car. In most cases, calibration may be needed after you’ve installed aftermarket equipment or a new screen.

If you’re not sure whether or not you need to calibrate your touchscreen, try using a stylus pen instead of using your fingers. If the screen responds better to the stylus pen than it does to your finger, then calibration may be necessary.

Calibrating your touchscreen can be complex and confusing if you don’t know what you’re doing. But if you want to do it yourself, some instructions can help you out. Just check out your user manual and follow the method outlined.

Troubleshooting an Unresponsive Touch Screen Stereo

The system is a process of trial and error. So many things can go wrong, so take a step back and look at the big picture.

First, turn off the system and wait for a while before turning it back on again. If that doesn’t work, try restarting the system or disconnecting it from the battery for a few minutes.

If you still don’t get any response, you may want to take it to an auto repair shop or electronics store to have someone look at it.

You might have a dirty touchscreen. You can clean the screen using these four steps:

  1. Wash your hands.
  2. Remove the old screen protector.
  3. Use a clean cloth dipped in a cleaning solution to rub the screen gently. Wait for about 30 seconds then wipe off excess liquid from the display with a clean cloth or tissue paper.
  4. Finally, put on a new protector to make sure it stays protected!

It is possible to factory reset your device if you have an Android head unit. Even if the screen does not respond, you can accomplish this task using a USB keyboard.

If your touch screen is not working correctly after any of these steps, it could be just old and worn out. If you have only had it for a few months, the chances are good that you can return or exchange it for one that works better than the first one did.

Here’s How to Fix a Broken Touch Screen Stereo

First, find the right tools to do the job. You will need:

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Fathead screwdriver
  • Panel remover
  • Screen cleaning kit
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Screen protector

Step 1: Remove The Stereo

Next, remove the faceplate of your stereo by sliding it down and then pulling it out gently.

Remove any screws that hold the stereo in place. If you cannot find these screws yourself, check your owner’s manual for their location.

Lift on the stereo to remove it from the dash of your car. Be careful not to bend or break any wires or damage other components while removing them from your dash.

Step 2: Disconnect The Main Wiring Carefully

Disconnect the wiring harnesses from the back of your stereo. Pull the wires out with your fingers or by using a plastic pry tool to disconnect them from their sockets on the back of the unit.

Next, remove all wires except for one connected to a socket with two red terminals leading into it. This is where you will connect the wiring harness of your new stereo.

Step 3: Reconnect All Wires Correctly

Check to make sure that all wiring is connected correctly. Consult the owner’s manual for your replacement stereo if you have any questions.

Step 4: Install New Touch Screen Stereo

Place your new stereo in the dash of your car and reattach it using any screws that you previously removed from it to install it in your vehicle.

Step 5: Reconnect The Wires To New Stereo

Connect the wiring harnesses to their correct sockets on the back of your replacement stereo. Then push it into place until you hear a click indicating that you have locked it into place.

Step 6: Add a Screen Protector

Screen protectors help save your car’s LED touchscreen from getting scratches.

Transparent and jelly screen protectors available on the market can help you protect your touchscreen. Touching your screen often will cause scratches. Having a screen protector will prevent scratches.

Final Step: Turn On Your Stereo

Now turn on your car, wait a few seconds, and check to see if everything works correctly. Do this by pressing any buttons on your new stereo unit. If everything works as expected, turn off your car, remove the unit’s faceplate. You can then enjoy listening to music or watching movies with a brand new touch screen system!

Wrapping Up…

Even if you don’t have a lot of experience installing car stereos, you should be able to complete this project in less than an hour.

Just remember, to fix your touch screen stereo, follow the steps in order and don’t rush anything.

If you run into any problems, leave a comment below, and I will help you out as soon as possible.

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