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10 Best Headrest DVD Players in 2023 – Turning Heads

The continental United States is one of the largest countries globally, and traveling from point A to B in a vehicle can be the most extended and tedious trip ever. So it comes as no surprise the latest cars ship with bespoke Headrest DVD players to make such trips pass by in the twinkling of an eye.

Headrest DVD players distract those pesky passengers so you can drive in peace. You can watch the best movies on Netflix or Disney+ while on a trip to your grandma’s, or even play the latest video game releases straight from the comfort of your car.

At some point in the past, you’d be forgiven for thinking this product would fade away into oblivion courtesy of newer entertainment tech. However, these headrest DVD players are growing in popularity, becoming the optimum choice for people who need upgraded car entertainment. Some of the benefits of owning one include:

  • Portability: These equipment are easily portable, allowing them to use different modes of transportation, including cars, trains, and planes.
  • Affordable: The devices are easy to install, won’t burn a hole through your pocket, and requires zero custom installation or wiring.
  • Consistency: The DVD Player will not alter the look and feel of your car seat, allowing you to retain the factory look of your vehicle.

So if your DVD collection is gathering dust, don’t rush to Goodwill just yet! Here are the best Headrest DVD Players on the market.

The Best Headrest DVD Players in 2023

Here are the top rated headrest DVD players for your car entertainment system.

Premium Choice
Wonnie UYXJD1012
  • Produces high quality video quality
  • Illuminates nicely at night
  • Provides 4 to 5 hours playback time
  • Last memory features allows continuing from last scene
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Best for Extended Warranty
  • Sturdy and compact footprint
  • HD screen resolution (1024 x 800)
  • Record 5 straight hours (single screen)
View on Amazon →
Best for Two DVD Players
  • Separate DVD players for individual enjoyments
  • Five-hours straight play-time
  • Easy installation
View on Amazon →
Best HD Gaming
  • Syncs easily with Xbox, Playstation, Smartphones and Laptops
  • Installation kit includes everything you need for long trips
  • HDMI compatibility
  • Has SD card and USB ports to download
View on Amazon →
Best Multipurpose
  • Provides HD viewing
  • 270-degree painless rotation
  • 5-hours uninterrupted playback time
  • Excellent value for money
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Best for Large Screen
JEKERO 16.9'
JEKERO 16.9"
  • One of the largest display
  • Lasts 5 hours straight despite larger screen
  • Affordable price tag
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Best for Audio
  • Includes free wireless headphones
  • Supports multiple video formats
  • HDMI support
  • Affordable
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Best for Small DVD Player
Rockville RDP711
Rockville RDP 711-BK
  • Compact size fits almost any headrest
  • Supports multiple video formats
  • Includes 32-inbuilt games
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Best Durable
  • Designed especially for family with kids
  • Supports many sound formats
  • Easy DIY installation
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Best for Child Safety
SUNPIN 8542134591
SUNPIN 8542134591
  • Standard lithium-ion battery for kids safety
  • Five-hour straight battery timing
  • Clear and crisp audio quality
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Let’s jump right into our hand-picked headrest DVD player selection.

1. WONNIE UYXJD1012 – Best of the Best

WONNIE is a famous brand, and it isn’t a surprise its portable Dual DVD sits at the top of a very competitive list. Unlike any other headrest player, WONNIE UYXJD1012 has an impressive 10.5-inch display and 1024 × 800-pixel screen resolution that produces a crisp and clear picture.

WONNIE 10.5 Dual DVD Player
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Easy installation
  • Rich video display
  • Region-free for DVD
  • AV unplugs easily
  • The battery doesn’t last long with two screens

The screen is bright enough for daytime use and illuminates nicely at night. WONNIE UYXJD1012 is easy to install, and you can get it all set and ready to play in less than five minutes.

However, the remote can be hard to operate unless you’re sitting in a direct line of sight with the player, and WONNIE UYXJD1012 has quite a few buttons that can overwhelm a five-year-old. WONNIE UYXJD1012’s a dual DVD so expect the master monitor to accept the disc and seamlessly cast the picture to the other screen. The audio is surprisingly loud, with 20 settings that allow you to personalize the volume to your taste.

The built-in battery is a delightful feature and provides four to five hours of playback time on one display or two to three hours of screen time when both screens are in use – enough for a movie at least. The manufacturer also has two mount brackets and cords to help you set up at the backseat.

After complaints about the color, the WONNIE company quickly provided an upgraded chip with the most current technology for a more stable and richer video.

WONNIE UYXJD1012 also has a “last memory” feature that allows you to continue your movie from the last scene rather than starting all over, and your kids will love that the film continues to play even when you switch off the vehicle.

WONNIE UYXJD1012 could do with a double headphone jack for more kids to watch on one screen; otherwise, this is as close to perfection as it gets.

Bottom Line WONNIE UYXJD1012 is an affordable dual-screen headrest player to keep the kids occupied.. View Latest Price on Amazon →

2. FANGOR ‎U1011A – Best for Extended Warranty

FANGOR ‎U1011A is a reliable choice you can buy with an extended warranty of up to three years. The upgraded 2021 headrest player features an HD 1024 × 800-pixel screen resolution that allows kids to watch similar content when you sync both monitors with the AV (audio/visual) cable.

FANGOR 10.5 Dual DVD Player
  • Firm installation
  • Lots of accessories included
  • Region-free with USB input and SD card support
  • Up to 3 years extended warranty
  • Slightly more expensive than other products
  • Difficult to use with multiple vehicles

The display may not be the best on the market, but FANGOR ‎U1011A is far better than many of its competitors in the price range and the DVD player is built-in behind the screen back, making this product sturdy and compact.

The built-in brackets are easy to install and screw into the screen back like your regular TV at home, holding it firmly in place. However, this makes FANGOR ‎U1011A slightly tricky to uninstall if you want to use the player on another vehicle.

FANGOR ‎U1011A has a 2800 mAh (milliampere-hour) Lithium Rechargeable battery that can keep the backseat passengers glued to their seats for a solid five straight hours on a single screen and three hours on a dual-screen display. You also have the option of switching off the screen and using it for audio-only to extend the battery life.

FANGOR ‎U1011A also has a DC outlet plug to limit wire clutter in a vehicle filled with so much stuff on a long trip and although it doesn’t come with an AUX cord, you can purchase one to connect the audio through your car speakers. It is also region-free, allowing you to watch a more diverse selection of DVDs. It is worth mentioning the disk doesn’t skip even when you’re on the roughest dirt roads.

Bottom Line FANGOR ‎U1011A is a rugged DVD player that works well in all situations. View Latest Price on Amazon →

3. WONNIE 10.5 Dual Screen – Best for Two DVD Players

WONNIE ‎SMJ1011 consists of DVD players you can sync to watch the same content via AV connectivity or play separate movies. It comes with two mounting brackets for easy car installation, especially for individuals who aren’t great at DIY fixes.

  • It comes with two Mounting Brackets and head straps
  • Separate DVD players for individual enjoyment
  • Five-hour single charge playtime
  • Painless DVD loader
  • Average picture quality
  • No HDMI support

WONNIE ‎SMJ1011 supports multiple video formats, including CD, DVD-R, VCD, VOB, AVI, and JPEG. You can also download your kids’ favorite shows on USB and SD card for direct play on the player with up to 32GB.

The dual speakers provide precise sound (even though it’s far more convenient for the driver to use the headphone jack). The inbuilt battery is a sweet bonus and will last five hours on a single screen and two to three hours with both displays working simultaneously.

WONNIE ‎SMJ1011 also has the last memory function to play your movie from the previous scene. The picture quality may not win the best awards, but it is good enough for the screen size and format.

WONNIE ‎SMJ1011 is high on the list because it offers similar value for a more competitive price than most products on the market.

Bottom Line WONNIE ‎SMJ1011 is an all-around DVD headrest player at an affordable price tag. View Latest Price on Amazon →

4. NAVISKAUTO VN1054B-A08 – Best for HD Gaming

The NAVISKAUTO VN1054B-A08 is a versatile entertainment system that supports 1080-pixel video formats that allow you the convenience of syncing with Xbox, Playstation, Smartphone, or laptop. It also has AV input and output with other devices like a bigger screen or stereo.

NAVISKAUTO 10.1 Dual Car DVD Players
  • Adjustable headrest backrest to fit different car models
  • Easy to operate without adult supervision
  • HDMI compatibility
  • Supports gaming inputs
  • Clamshell design for extra protection
  • Expensive system

The NAVISKAUTO VN1054B-A08 installation kit ships with everything you need, including two separate DVD players, two remote controllers, two sets of headphones (a generous inclusion), two mounting brackets, and other accessories. The significance is you can use one as a backup for the other or install both and allow your kids to enjoy separate movies on that long trip.

In addition, NAVISKAUTO VN1054B-A08 is region-free, unlocking the possibility of watching different shows from around the world. It supports many HD video formats, including MP4, MK4 RMVB, and many more.

NAVISKAUTO VN1054B-A08 also has a memory card and USB ports to download and watch from an external disk, and the last memory function allows you to pick up your movie from the previous scene.

The HDMI input lets you use it as a screen for gaming purposes, making NAVISKAUTO VN1054B-A08 a versatile DVD player that will keep your passengers entertained on long trips. It’s easy to set this system up too, even for tech-phobic parents and grandparents.

Bottom Line NAVISKAUTO VN1054B-A08 is an easy-install headrest DVD player with gaming functionality that will keep passengers engrossed. View Latest Price on Amazon →

5. HDJUNTUNKOR 12” DVD Player – Best Multipurpose DVD Player

HDJUNTUNKOR HDPDVD-01 is fantastic, particularly for young families with children allowing the little ones to watch their favorite shows for five hours straight in one charge. It is an entertainment system that supports a diverse selection of multimedia, including CDs, DVDs, USB, and SD cards.

  • Swivel display for better viewing
  • 5-hour battery life on a single charge
  • Protection board for battery safety
  • Last memory function
  • Converts to a portable player for home/office use
  • Doesn’t support Blu-Ray formats
  • Average audio quality

HDJUNTUNKOR HDPDVD-01 is also one of the few headrest players that offer two different operating systems for vehicle and home use. The LCD (liquid-crystal display) screen provides high-definition viewing, and you could be forgiven to think you’re at the cinema with its 1024 × 600 pixel screen resolution.

The 10.5-inch display has a 270-degree rotation, and you can flip the player 180 degrees for the best view in the house or car. HDJUNTUNKOR HDPDVD-01 is an ambitious player that provides five hours of uninterrupted playback time.

And even though Blu-Ray is unavailable, you still get the choice of downloading your favorite movies to watch on a flash drive or SD card. HDJUNTUNKOR HDPDVD-01 ships with virtually any type of cable you require to play DVD, and it is designed with parental control in mind, allowing you to control the content without kids reaching the button controls.

HDJUNTUNKOR HDPDVD-01 is one of the most versatile players on the list, and with the proper setup, you can use it at the office to make desktop presentations! The nimble controller is easy to use and put away once you arrive at your destination.

HDJUNTUNKOR HDPDVD-01 also comes with a portable bag you can carry around or simply attach to the car, and the sync screen feature connects to your TV to enjoy with friends and loved ones at home.

The car charger and AC adapter provide multiple ways to charge so you can use them for longer. The last memory function is a refreshing bonus allowing you to continue your movie without interruptions or starting from the beginning. Overall, HDJUNTUNKOR HDPDVD-01 is excellent value for money and a unique way to occupy fidgety fingers during a long road trip.

Bottom Line HDJUNTUNKOR HDPDVD-01 works as well in the office as in the back seats to provide a versatile, value-for-money headrest DVD player. View Latest Price on Amazon →

6. JEKERO 16.9″ DVD Player – Best for Large Screen

JEKERO 16.9″ is on this list because it has one of the largest screens at 14.1 inches, making it easy for kids to watch their favorite movies without moving too close to the screen or straining their eyes.

  • One of the largest displays in the market
  • Last memory function
  • Affordable
  • USB and SD support
  • Great for home use
  • Less robust
  • It doesn’t support HDMI inputs

The JEKERO 16.9″ headrest device has a 1280×800-pixel resolution powered by a 3500 mAH (milliampere-hour) battery. The battery power can last up to five hours despite the high resolution and larger than average screen. You can rotate the screen 270 degrees and fold it 180 degrees for a better view.

JEKERO 16.9″ comes with a power adapter for charging in-car, and you’ll also be getting a game controller for the in-built game system, remote, car mount brackets, and data line.

It is worth pointing out the JEKERO 16.9″ player has no inbuilt games, which you’ll have to download yourself.

Bottom Line JEKERO 16.9″ is an impressive 14.1-inch display brings the big screen into your backseat, and with in-built gaming compatibility the fun won’t stop. View Latest Price on Amazon →

7. Pyle PLHRDVD103 – Best for Audio

This Pyle PLHRDVD103 10.5-inch multimedia headrest system provides a rewarding backseat experience for kids and loved ones with an LCD that allows you to watch the latest series on Netflix or play your best games on Playstation and Xbox.

  • Free wireless headphones
  • HDMI support
  • Multiple video format support
  • Difficult to install
  • Expensive

Headphone jacks are great, but you’ll particularly love the wireless headphones that you can connect to your smartphone or tablet. These headphones are a godsend and reduce the excess clutter you get with wired headphones.

Additionally, you’ll find the stereo sound of the Pyle PLHRDVD103 to be of premium quality with crisp audio that the passengers can hear at the back of the car.

The Pyle PLHRDVD103’s 1024×600-pixel screen resolution is exceptionally well made, offering an almost 300:1 contrast ratio and a brightness depth of 350/cdm2 (candela per square meter) providing picture clarity in the daytime and night.

Pyle PLHRDVD103 also supports various video formats to give your kids many entertainment options, including WMA/AVI, MP4, and MP3. In addition, the unit has USB and SD/Card inputs for playing unique content.

And you can upgrade your entertainment courtesy of the RCA wiring that allows you to connect another device for other forms of entertainment., making Pyle PLHRDVD103 an exceptionally versatile and expandable system.

Bottom Line Pyle PLHRDVD103 is a top of the line entertainment system that transforms a boring trip into a cinematic experience. View Latest Price on Amazon →

8. Rockville RDP 711-BK 7″ Black Car Headrest Monitors – Best for Small DVD Player

If you want a headrest DVD Player that is small and compact, look no further than the Rockville RDP 711-BK. At 7 inches, it can fit into the headrest of the smallest sedan. Big things come in small packages, and this model comes complete with a backrest and DVD player screen.

Rockville RDP 711-BK
  • Small size fits almost any headrest
  • Multiple options in size, color, and features
  • HDMI Input for external gaming
  • In-built retro gaming system
  • It does not work with motorized headrest systems
  • Screen resolution could be better

Despite Rockville RDP 711-BK’s compactness, the screen is wide enough to offer a pleasurable viewing experience. Users who find it a tad small can pay a little extra for the 9-inch size of the same model.

Moreover, Rockville RDP 711-BK comes in various styles, providing you the options of buying a model with dual DVD or no DVD, depending on your needs and the needs of your family and loved ones. You’ll be pleased to know it also features an FM transmitter, giving passengers their own radio controls.

However, you’ll need to make the correct connection for the radio to work. That said, Rockville RDP 711-BK ships with a complete installation kit, including a remote control and RCA wires. It is worth pointing out that this Rockville RDP 711-BK headrest DVD player isn’t compatible with a motorized headrest system.

The HDMI works on the master screen, and the input allows you to hook up your Xbox and game on the go.

Additionally, the 32-bit inbuilt Game System is a nice bonus if you enjoy playing retro games like and Rockville RDP 711-BK comes with a game disc and controller. You can also enjoy a variety of DVD formats, including AVI and MPEGs you can play via SD card or USB.

The IR (infrared) transmitter lets you connect additional headsets wirelessly, and while it isn’t really necessary, it shows Rockville RDP 711-BK will go the whole nine yards to keep you entertained.

Bottom Line Rockville RDP 711-BK is the most compact DVD player on the market packs a big punch with an FM transmitter and in-built retro gaming. View Latest Price on Amazon →

9. PUMPKIN 10.1 – Best Durable DVD Player

PUMPKIN 10.1 features a clamshell design that provides additional screen protection. You’ll like the screen resolution, which is capable of producing 1024×600-pixel, and the HD decoder opens the door to various high-resolution games you can enjoy on your Xbox and Playstation.

Pumpkin 10.1-inch
  • Great for families with kids
  • Protective screen to prevent damage
  • It supports many standard formats
  • No battery
  • No Bluetooth support for wireless audio

PUMPKIN 10.1 also sports a versatile player that can display diverse protocols, including AVI, MOV, MVG, and MP4, amongst many other formats. This PUMPKIN 10.1 player isn’t further up on the list because it isn’t Blu-Ray compatible.

However, the manufacturer, PUMPKIN has another model that supports Blu-Ray. Thanks to the HDMI port, you can hook up various devices, including smartphones, Kindle, and XBox, allowing you to stream movies from Netflix or Hulu. PUMPKIN 10.1 is also compatible with a variety of systems, including Raspberry Pi.

In addition to HDMI connectivity, the PUMPKIN 10.1 headrest DVD player also offers USB, MMC, and SD card support. This feature gives you the option of downloading your favorite movies and saves you the clutter of having a bunch of DVDs scattered all over the back seat.

PUMPKIN 10.1 is easy to install, which is excellent for people who prefer to DIY. The player comes with a mounting strap that you can use to connect to the arms headrest of the front seat. Unlike other designs, this mount is simple to use and secure without making it tough to remove the screen. This player won’t be bouncing around on bumpy roads.

The audio is crystal clear, courtesy of two 2-watt speakers that fire down crisp sound that you can hear from the back of the car without deafening the front seat occupants. It’s such a shame that PUMPKIN 10.1 has no Bluetooth support ensuring the only way to use the headphones is with a 3.5mm jack.

Bottom Line PUMPKIN 10.1 is a versatile, rugged player with a friendly price and a wide range of inputs. View Latest Price on Amazon →

10. SUNPIN 8542134591 – Best for Child Safety

Unlike other brands that use the standard lithium-ion battery, SUNPIN 8542134591 uses a polymer lithium battery making it extra safe for kids who get their hands on everything. In addition, the battery provides five hours of entertainment on a single charge, allowing you to enjoy movie epics like the Lord of The Rings on your trip.

SUNPIN 8542134591 DVD Player
  • 5000mAh (milliampere-hour) provides up to five hours on a single charge
  • It plays almost any format and codec
  • Dial Headphone jack
  • Great customer support
  • Exceptional audio experience with stereo and headphone
  • Remote is hard to figure out
  • The screen is delicate and can break

SUNPIN 8542134591 is also region-free, which means you can play any DVD you want without location constraints, and it supports the vast majority of DVD formats, including DVD-R, DVD-RW, CBD, CVD, SVCD, and many more. The 11″ screen features enhanced brightness to ensure you don’t squint your eyes at the screen.

In addition to DVD CDs, SUNPIN 8542134591 supports multiple inputs allowing you to watch the best shows from your SD/MMC card and USB. The USB card supports up to 32 GB – anything higher will not work, but that’s an adequate size for a movie library given you’re restricted to smaller resolutions anyway: no 4K quality here.

SUNPIN 8542134591 works especially well with large vehicles with boomy interiors, because the double speakers are surprisingly loud and clear – it’s almost like a mini home theatre in your car.

The double headphone jack is excellent at keeping kids quiet, allowing your little ones to enjoy the same movie on the road. However, SUNPIN 8542134591 doesn’t ship with earphones, and you’d need to fork up a little more cash to get one.

You can fold or tilt the screen or fold into tablet mode, and SUNPIN 8542134591 ships with an additional headrest mount to engage your kids on that long road trip. Additionally, suppose your kids finish the journey before the movie ends. In that case, SUNPIN 8542134591 provides a “last memory” function allowing your kids to continue from where they left off without any need to start over.

However, the remote is not the easiest to operate with a ton of buttons – 44 in total, making it confusing to use. That said, SUNPIN 8542134591 makes this list because of its all-rounded ability. It isn’t just a headrest DVD player for your car but a robust entertainment system you can sync with your TV at home.

Bottom Line With an extra safe long-life battery, a powerful audio system, and a 44-button remote controller to boot, SUNPIN 8542134591 is a great headrest DVD player to entertain younger kids. View Latest Price on Amazon →

The Buyer’s Guide to Choosing Right Headrest DVD Player

Headrest DVD Players are the standard today, with the latest flagship cars shipping with this accessory straight from the factory. If you’d like to upgrade your vehicle, these are the factors you’d need to consider before purchasing a headrest DVD.

Headrest Portable DVD Player on Car Seats

Screen size

The car headrest screen size plays a vital role in the overall in-car entertainment experience—the larger the display, the better your experience quality. However, do not sacrifice a bigger screen for build quality. Some products on the market are large-sized, but they break easily.

The biggest screens on the market are around 14-inches, and they bring the cinematic experience into the backseats. However, they also change your car’s look and feel: smaller screens down to 7-inches are adequate for gaming and occasional viewing.

Screen Resolution

Just as important is the screen resolution or the richness of the display. You can find monitors with resolutions from 800×480 pixels up to 1920×1080 pixels. The better the screen resolution, the higher the image quality, and if you want to play console games like the Playstation and Xbox, you’ll need to get a product with a high-definition display.

Media Format and Region Free Players

There are many media formats a headrest DVD player can process, including different types of audio, video, and picture formats. In addition, you need to ensure your headrest DVD player is region-free to enjoy a wider variety of DVD shows and movies.

Additional Inputs

It isn’t enough to purchase a DVD headrest player that only plays DVDs. These days, many products come with additional inputs, including a USB and SD card to watch your content directly from an external drive. Many of these players go the extra mile to provide inbuilt gaming systems – often 8 to 32-bit NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) games.

Screen Share

Some DVD players use the slave-master display system where the content in the master unit displays in the second unit using video input. However, you can find Dual DVD Players that play content independently from the other. Keep in mind these units may cost more.


Headrest DVD players often come with power adapters for in-car charging, as well as stand-alone batteries for wireless use. These batteries are measured in milliampere-hours and range from 2000 mAh to 6000 mAh – providing two hours to five hours of playback time on a single charge. But remember, this playback time is often halved when both screens display content simultaneously.

Audio Quality

While many players come with headphones and a 3.5mm jack, the audio quality is still essential. If you own a large vehicle like an SUV, you’ll need a product with audio clear enough to reach from the backseat.

Headrest DVD Accessories

Accessories help to sweeten the deal and can elevate your in-car entertainment experience, keeping your loved ones glued to their seats all through the trip. Some of these accessories include:

Wireless Headphones

Ensure the product you buy comes with headphones, particularly the wireless versions. This item is essential for a long trip when one kid wants to sleep and the other wants to watch a movie.

Wired headphones are fantastic but prone to breakage, and the wires add to the backseat clutter. Putting on a pair of wireless headphones gives everyone the freedom to do whatever they want without interfering in the activities of others.


This accessory is only necessary if the headrest DVD player has an inbuilt Game System. Kids need multiple ways to release the pent-up energy of sitting in one place, and sometimes movies won’t cut it. Playing Super Mario and Zelda will keep the kids occupied until you arrive at your destination.

12-volt Car Lighter Charger

This item is critical for endless playback time for your kids and loved ones. Plug into the 12-volt outlet on your vehicle’s dashboard, and you’re ready to go for as long as it takes.

Headrest Pole

Headrest poles are necessary if you want to secure your headrest DVD player conveniently. These poles fit any headrest, ensuring you don’t have to worry about the fitting or size.


Some headrest DVD players don’t need a manual to install – that’s how easy it is to use. Others are a nightmare, even for professional installers. Whatever the case, ensure you buy a product that is easy to remove and install, especially if you’re using it for multiple vehicles.

The simplest headrest DVD players fit into a pocket draped over the headrest – but these are less durable and can bounce around on bumpy roads. Mounting brackets require a bit of DIY determination but will make for a more secure experience.

Types of Headrest DVD Player

Headrest DVD players often come in two unique designs, built for different types of headrests the Active Headrest and Pillow Headrest.

The active headrest has wires going through the headrest post and is designed to close the distance between the headrest and the head to prevent whiplash and injury to the neck vertebrae.

Some cars are factory-fitted with an airbag headrest, and you might want to avoid fiddling with it and use an Active Headrest DVD player. It is easy to install without calling a professional and fits most vehicles.

On the other hand, pillow headrest players come with a complete installation kit and manual that makes the DVD player fit inside the headrest pillow like it was from the factory.

Wrapping Up…

Headrest DVD players turn bored children into happy passengers on a long trip. Instead of threatening to “turn the car around,” simply switch on the headrest player and focus on driving! It is a must-have item for families with younger kids.

You can install the player on any type of headrest, with most installations easy to do yourself. If you plan to sell your vehicle in the future, the headrest player will increase your car’s value, giving you the leverage to ask for more money.

And the fun doesn’t stop when you reach your destination: many of these headrest DVD players convert into a portable DVD/gaming experience – so the kids are happy in the hotel too.

Headrest DVD players are a quick and affordable upgrade. If you’ve got a long trip planned, a headrest DVD player will give you a head start on the road.

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