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8 Best Car Subwoofer For Deep Bass in 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

What does deep bass mean to you?

The heavy thrum of low frequencies, vibrating in your chest? Maybe it takes you back to nights in underground clubs or the front row of a rock concert. Feelings of excitement, euphoria, and energy.

Because deep bass isn’t just about what we can hear: it’s about what we can feel. While the lowest frequencies aren’t audible to the human ear, we feel these frequencies vibrating in our bones – that’s what makes deep bass so powerful from the club to the concert.

And for elephants, deep bass tones are the ultimate love songs – and with ears like that, they must know a thing or two about sound! (1)

So what does deep bass mean to us? Scientifically, it’s frequencies from around 16 Hz (hertz) – 80 Hz: the most impactful frequencies in bass.

Adding a subwoofer for deep bass to your car audio system lets you feel your music, wherever you go. Combined with aftermarket speakers you’ll have a powerful sound that lets every tune come to life – but a subwoofer can complement your OEM (original equipment manufacturer) speakers too, providing the perfect upgrade for amateur audio enthusiasts.

These subs are easy to install and reliably built but most of all they hit the lowest lows – they’re the best car subwoofers for seriously deep bass.

Let’s get down to business.

The Best Car Subwoofers For Deep Bass In 2022

We can’t guarantee they’ll attract any elephants, but these car subwoofers produce the lowest frequencies while retaining tight, accurate sound. Here are the best car subwoofers for deep bass.

1. Rockford Fosgate P300-12 – Best Overall

Rockford Fosgate’s all-in-one bass solution is impressively powered and seriously deep.

Rockford Fosgate P300-12
  • 300 watts RMS power
  • Low pass crossover boosts the deep bass
  • All-inclusive kit is easy to install
  • Durable, bump resistant enclosure
  • Eats up serious trunk space
  • Sealed enclosure design limits the power

The 12-inch subwoofer has 300 watts of RMS (root mean squared) power, and an in-built amplifier to match. The sub and amp come housed together in Rockford Fosgate’s bespoke sealed enclosure, built to optimize the sound and endure the bumpy road.

This all-inclusive system is particularly easy to install and compatible with OEM (original equipment manufacturer) speakers. You only need to run the power wire, ground, and signal to get the sub up and running.

But bear in mind the size of this bad boy – the wedge-shaped enclosure has dimensions 15” x 19.8” x 11” x 7”, making it suitable for installation in the trunk only. But if you’ve got the space, it bangs.

Alongside a premium sub and amp, you get essential features for deep bass including a low pass crossover of 12dB/octave which lets the low frequencies get seriously loud.

If you like the sound of all that, check out our dedicated review of this powerful deep bass subwoofer.

Bottom Line A big, mean subwoofer for deep bass that’s easy to install and works with your OEM speakers. Just make sure you have the space. View Latest Price on Amazon →

2. MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D – Best Deep Bass Subwoofer For The Lowest Frequencies

If you want to double down on deep bass then dual subwoofers are a great choice. MTX’s Terminator series comes with ample power for bass that says “I’ll be back”.

MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D
  • 400 watts RMS power
  • Premium monoblock amplifier
  • 2-ohm impedance
  • Exceptionally low frequency range – down to 10 Hz
  • Can burn out with too much power
  • Eats up half your trunk space

With 1,200 watts of total power, these dual subs can handle up to 400 watts of RMS at an impedance of 2 ohms. Combined with the incredible 10 Hz to 150 Hz frequency response, that’s impressively deep and loud bass.

With 1,200 watts of total power, these dual subs can handle up to 400 watts of RMS at an impedance of 2 ohms. Combined with the incredible 10 Hz to 150 Hz frequency response, that’s impressively deep and loud bass.

The polypropylene cone at the heart of the sub limits distortion, ensuring that your low end sounds top end even when you turn it up.

This powered subwoofer comes with an in-built monoblock amplifier and is housed in a custom sealed enclosure built from durable 5/8th-inch MDF, and finished with aviation-grade carpet that matches your vehicle’s interior. It’s easy to install – you’ll just need to run the wires.

It’s big though – 14 inches in height and almost 30 inches wide. This is one dual sub that’s better paired with a larger vehicle.

Despite the size – and the impressive power – it doesn’t break the bank. Fitting it with your OEM speakers is an affordable instant upgrade.

Bottom Line An exceptional frequency range makes the MTX Terminator TNE212D stand out for deep bass, and it’s affordable too. View Latest Price on Amazon →

3. Rockville RW10CA 10″ 800 – Best Under Seat Deep Bass Subwoofer

Rockville’s low-profile powered subwoofer is super compact and perfect for those without space to spare. Despite its smaller stature, it still packs a serious punch at the low end.

Rockville RW10CA 10
  • Frequency range from 20 Hz to 150 Hz
  • Easy install and compact size
  • CEA compliant for guaranteed power
  • Plastic enclosure could be hardier
  • 200 watts of power is at the bottom end of acceptable

200 watts of RMS power is squeezed into this 10-inch, all-inclusive subwoofer, outperforming many subs in this size range. Add to that the CEA-2006 certification for power performance and the 2-ohm impedance that limits resistance and you’ve got a pretty powerful compact sub.

It’s built for easy installation – thanks to the auto turn-on function you can wire it directly to your speakers – and it fits snugly under the seat of any standard car.

Boom – bass coming up through your seats. That’s a great way to feel the vibrations of low-end frequency: this sub has a range of 20 Hz to 150 Hz. What’s more, Rockville’s low pass filter works down to 50 Hz, while Bass Boost lets you bump it up 18dB (decibels) at 45 Hz.

Lastly, Rockville has produced a detailed owner’s manual that makes everything from installation to sound customization a breeze. Thanks to the easy install and friendly manual, this is a great sub for newbies and hardened bass heads alike.

We took a deep dive into this excellent deep bass subwoofer – find out more about it in our dedicated review.

Bottom Line A compact under seat sub that’s built to milk every last watt of power. View Latest Price on Amazon →

4. Skar Audio EVL-15 D4 – Best Subwoofer For Outrageously Loud Deep Bass

From the little to the very large, let me introduce Skar Audio’s whopping 15-inch subwoofer. With 2,500 watts of maximum power and a heavy 1,250 watts of RMS, this is a sub to blow the roof, the doors, and your mind.

Skar Audio EVL-15 D4
  • Outrageously powerful
  • Dual voice coil for multiple amp configurations
  • Works with sealed, vented, or bandpass enclosures
  • Competition grade internal materials
  • Might be overkill unless you want to wake up the neighborhood
  • Seriously expensive

It sounds exceedingly good at the low end, with a sensitivity of 86.1 dB and a frequency range from 20 Hz – 250 Hz. It’s a passive subwoofer, so you’ll need an amplifier, and it comes without an enclosure. For audiophiles that gives you the option of building a bandpass enclosure to further optimize the deep bass of this sub.

And the premium materials guarantee a top-quality sound and accurate bass. The paper cone is competition grade and the 3-inch voice coil can withstand the highest temperatures when you turn this sub to the max.

But it’s big: the outer diameter of 15.45 inches and a mounting depth of 12.95-inches means that, with an added enclosure, you’re going to be clearing out the trunk for this one.

Bottom Line A big daddy sub with excessive power, and the option to customize it with any enclosure. View Latest Price on Amazon →

5. Kicker CompC Single 10 Inch – Best For Deep Bass On A Budget

Kicker’s nifty little 10-inch sub features premium materials without a premium price tag.

Kicker CompC Single 10 Inch
  • 250 watts RMS is solid for the size
  • Premium injection molded polypropylene cone
  • Custom enclosure options for personalized sound
  • Works with OEM amp
  • Affordable price tag
  • You may end up splashing out on an amp and custom enclosure
  • Limited power

With 250 watts of RMS power, this little guy packs a punch – and since this sub gives you the choice of a sealed or vented enclosure, you can optimize it further for a sound that suits your system.

Kicker hasn’t skimped on materials here – the cone is a durable injection molded polypropylene and the voice coil is particularly heat resistant. This sub will go the distance, providing you with deep bass all the way.

For smaller vehicles, the mounting depth of 4.81 inches gives you options, and choosing a sealed enclosure gives you even more compact sound as it works with just 1 cubic foot of air around it. However, a vented box with around 1.75 cubic feet will give you access to lower frequencies.

And the price is appealing. For a truly budget build, run it on your factory amp with free air rather than a custom enclosure – but for the deepest bass, splash out on some aftermarket upgrades.

Bottom Line Deep bass doesn’t have to mean deep pockets. This little Kicker number is a great upgrade on a limited budget. View Latest Price on Amazon →

6. Pioneer TS-WX130DA – Best Smallest Subwoofer For Deep Bass

Pioneer’s petite subwoofer is about as small as you can go – the subwoofer, enclosure, and built-in class D amplifier measure just 8” x 5”.

Pioneer TS-WX130DA
  • Exceptionally small
  • Inexpensive
  • All-in-one unit includes enclosure and amp
  • Low frequency range
  • Pretty underpowered
  • Lacking surge and heat protection

It fits under the seat, but also behind seats or simply in small storage areas. It’s so small that you’ll barely notice it in your vehicle. Until you turn on the tunes, of course.

The size means a compromise on power: 160 watts max and 50 watts RMS power are available. But with a frequency range of 20 Hz to 200 Hz and a specialized “deep” mode (alongside “dynamic” for a great range) it hits the lows well.

All this is controlled from the wired remote that gives you touch-of-a-button customizable sound. That means you can bury this little sub anywhere it fits, and still have access to the control.

The acoustic suspension enclosure has been designed as a space-saver, but without forgetting that you’re here for deep bass. It’s sealed, but it has been custom-built for increased performance.

Bottom Line With a sub this small you’re compromising on power – but it will fit literally anywhere in your vehicle. View Latest Price on Amazon →

7. Rockford Fosgate P3SD2-8 8″ – Best 8-inch Subwoofer For Deep Bass

8-inch subs are great for space-conscious audiophiles and the P3SD2-8 from Rockford Fosgate offers tight and accurate bass that goes deep.

Rockford Fosgate P3SD2-8
  • Shallow mounting depth
  • Works with OEM amp
  • 2-ohm impedance
  • Dual voice coils
  • Limited in power
  • You’ll have to drill into the sub if you’re using it to replace factory speakers

The uber slim mounting depth of 2.66 inches can squeeze into the smallest vehicles and, designed for both sealed and vented enclosures, you have the choice of taking up just a quarter of a cubic foot of space.

The size entails a compromise on power, but not as much as you might think. A steady 150 watts of RMS is on offer. Nicely, you can skip the aftermarket amp and power this sub from the factory amp in your vehicle – further saving on space (and cost).

The 2-ohm dual voice coils are heat resistant and built to take every watt of power your amp provides, so even though the ratings are modest it packs a punch. Dual voice coils are great for flexible wiring arrangements with a range of amps.

The sub is housed in Rockford Fosgate’s StampCast basket frame – designed to reduce distortion and provide a clean sound while saving on weight.

Bottom Line Thanks to the size and the dual voice coil, this is one little subwoofer that’s easy to install in multiple configurations, especially in smaller View Latest Price on Amazon →

8. Skar Audio ZVX-15v2 D1 15″ – Best Deep Bass Subwoofer For Maximum Power

Skar’s competition-level 15-inch subwoofer has huge power ratings and low impedance – a winning combination for deep bass and outrageous volume.

Skar Audio ZVX-15v2 D1 15' 3000 Watt Max Power Dual 1 Ohm SPL Car Subwoofer
  • Frequency Response down to 25 Hz
  • Copper 3”, 8-layer voice coil
  • Dual voice coils
  • Crazy amounts of power!
  • Exceptionally low impedance
  • Advanced cooling system
  • Monster price tag
  • Takes up a lot of space

With 3,000 watts of max power and 1,500 watts of RMS, this sub can handle anything you can throw at it. You’ll need a decently sized aftermarket amp to provide it, too. Dual voice coils give you wiring flexibility here.

The wide frequency range means it can produce midtones well – but since we’re here for deep bass, we only care about the bottom end. And Skar provides a frequency response down to 25 Hz (hertz).

Everything about this rig is premium grade, from the 1-ohm impedance to the competition grade materials used in construction, not least the pressed paper cone.

Just get ready to spend big and put some space aside for this hefty subwoofer. It doesn’t come cheap, and the 11.30″ mounting depth takes up some serious room. But this is the Godzilla of deep bass subwoofers – and it produces the lows to do justice to Godzilla’s legendary roar.

Bottom Line If you want to go mad with power, this is the subwoofer for you! View Latest Price on Amazon →

Before You Buy: Deep Bass Subwoofer Buying Guide

All subwoofers are tailor-made for bass – but when the going gets tough, only the toughest get deep. So how do you find the best subwoofer for deep bass in today’s market?

Let’s take a deep dive into all things deep bass – you’ll never have to settle for underwhelming bass again.

What Is Deep Bass?

Deep bass means something different to everyone, depending on your favorite music and where you like to hear it. But in terms of frequency, we’re talking about sound in the 16 Hz to 80 Hz realm – around the cutoff for what the human ear can hear.

These frequencies are felt as much as they are heard, vibrating through your body. Deep bass brings your music to life – and if you don’t have deep bass in your car audio system, you’re missing out on a whole new level of music.


Because low frequencies require larger drivers and demand more movement in those drivers, subwoofers require a lot of power to produce deep bass. All subwoofers have two measures of power – RMS (root mean squared) and peak.

RMS power is a measure of the continuous power that your subwoofer can handle without being overloaded, and the RMS power limit is the one that will hold back your deep bass. Anything over 300 watts will provide excellent deep bass and can get seriously loud.

Peak Power is the maximum power your subwoofer can handle. Don’t be fooled by the bigger numbers, which are typically around two to four times the RMS capabilities: peak power is the amount of power your sub can handle in short bursts, and it’s less valuable as a measure of the depth and loudness of your bass.

Passive Vs Powered Subwoofers

While we’re on the subject of power, how does it get to your subwoofer? All subs require an amplifier to provide power, but only powered subwoofers (also known as active subs) have a built-in amp.

Passive subs require an additional aftermarket amplifier, making them more complicated to install but allowing you to customize your system further. Both active and passive subs will be able to provide an excellent deep bass response – the choice is yours.

Subwoofer Sizes

Subwoofers come in a range of sizes for different purposes. When it comes to bass to blow the roof off, bigger is better – but when it comes to deep bass, even smaller subs can produce the lowest frequencies.

8” Subwoofers

8-inch subwoofers are the smallest you’ll find for car audio, but these punchy subs can produce a tight and accurate bass if that’s what you’re looking for. They’re popular with audiophiles and perform well playing heavy rock and fast electronic music – and the best 8-inch subwoofers will have a low frequency range for deep bass.

10” Subwoofers

Top-rated 10-inch subwoofers are a great choice if you’re into anything from club music to classical because these are truly versatile. They can provide a big sound without eating up too much space.

12” Subwoofers

12-inch subs are great all-rounders if you’ve got more room to spare and the best rated will pair deep bass with a lot of power so you can crank the volume.

15” Subwoofers

The big daddy of the car subwoofer family, powerful 15-inch subwoofers will blow the doors off your vehicle with their capacity for big sound and deep bass. Recommended for trucks and SUVs, or anyone who cares more about waking up the neighbors than fitting the shopping into their back seat.

Shallow Mount Subwoofers

Lastly, shallow mount subwoofers are a great choice if space is an issue. Coming in a range of sizes, but always with a slimline build, the best options can provide the lowest frequencies and great all-round sound.


Subwoofers work by moving air to create the lowest, most impactful frequencies – what we call deep bass. To do this effectively, they need to be contained in a box or enclosure – and there is a range of options.


Sealed subwoofer enclosures have no vents or ports to let air move around, and the rear cone is effectively sealed off from the front cone. Sealed enclosures require a little more power to create the same sound – but a well-built sealed box with ample room can create an exceptionally deep bass.


Ported enclosures (also known as vented enclosures) have vents to allow the sound wave from the rear cone to combine with that of the front cone, and they act more efficiently with the same power.

But because the output from the two cones can be misaligned, the bass response won’t be as defined or tight when compared to a sealed box – but it will boom, and the lowest lows will hit hard.


Bandpass boxes create a hybrid enclosure of sealed and ported, offering audiophiles the best of both worlds. They’re highly power efficient and let your subwoofer get seriously loud while providing an accurate, tight response.

Bandpass enclosures work efficiently to limit the frequencies to a specific level, optimizing the lows and providing truly deep bass – but they’re harder to build and more expensive to buy.

Also Read: Sealed vs Ported vs Bandpass — What’s The Difference?


Range refers to the frequencies that your subwoofer can reproduce, and for deep bass, we’re getting low. While a wider frequency range will allow the sub to produce more midtones and complement your system, if you’re looking for deep bass don’t compromise on the bottom end.

The human ear cuts off at around 20 Hz (hertz) – but a frequency range down to around 16 Hz will provide premium deep bass that you don’t just gear, you feel.


Sensitivity refers to the relationship between power and loudness your speaker can provide – and a higher sensitivity will operate more efficiently at lower power, making it easier to run and more durable.

Sensitivity is measured in dB (decibels) – anything over 90dB is considered good, but for the deepest bass this shouldn’t be a number one concern.


Impedance – measured in ohms – refers to the resistance that a subwoofer puts up to the power provided by an amplifier. A lower impedance will mean less resistance, so with the same power supply, it will be louder.

However, the volume comes at a cost in sound quality. A higher impedance subwoofer will require more power to produce a similar volume – but the sound will be cleaner. What does that mean for deep bass? Frequency shouldn’t be affected too much – but a higher impedance sub will sound better, all other things being equal.

If your brain’s resisting the concept of impedance, we’ve broken down the difference between 2-ohm and 4-ohm speakers.


The best subwoofers are made with premium materials, from high-quality pressed paper cones to anodized aluminum voice coil formers that dissipate heat as fast as it can build up. If your subwoofer comes with an enclosure, you’ll want to ensure it’s built from durable plastic or MDF.

Low Pass Filter

For the deepest bass, you want to skip the higher frequencies and focus only on the lows. A low pass filter on your subwoofer will allow you to tweak the sound of your sub to perfection, letting only those deepest rumbling bass tones through.

Low pass filters vary in the range they’ll allow – some offer a cutoff from 50 Hz to 150 Hz, but if you have aftermarket speakers for the mids and highs, you might want to look out for a low pass filter that goes down to 30 Hz. So deep it hertz!

Subwoofer Protections

If you plan on putting a sub through its paces at the highest volumes, you can expect to build up some heat. And meanwhile, an older vehicle’s faulty electrics could cause a power surge or other fault. For a long-lasting sub that can take everything you throw at it, look out for some included protection systems.

Thermal protection, short circuit protection, and overload protection might not seem important at first, but they’ll save your sub from getting fried if something goes wrong.


Whether you’re an audio freak or a DIY first-timer, you have to consider installation when it comes to purchasing a subwoofer for deep bass.

There’s space to think of – is it going in the trunk, door or under the seat? And do you want to wire in an aftermarket amplifier, or build your own enclosure?

Well-built under seat subwoofers are particularly easy to install, especially when they’re powered with an in-built amplifier and big-name brands from Rockville to Rockford Fosgate will offer professional manuals and wiring guides to make the job easy.

What Are The Best Brands Of Subwoofers For Deep Bass?

Rockville, Kicker, Skar Audio, Alpine, Rockford Fosgate, and Pioneer are all highly esteemed in the audio industry for building subwoofers with deep bass.

But we didn’t choose any subwoofer on this list because it’s got a brand name attached – these subs all produce deep bass on demand in the highly competitive field of the best car subwoofers.

And while you might pay more for a Kicker sub, buying from reputable brands do offer some reassurance. From build quality to CEA-compliant power ratings, the best brands are hard to beat.

What Size Subwoofer Is Best For Deep Bass?

While even 8-inch subwoofers can provide exceptional low frequencies, a 12-inch sub offers the best balance of power, size, and earth-rumbling deep bass for your car audio system.

Which Subwoofer Enclosure Is Best For Deep Bass?

While every good enclosure has its advantages, a well-built bandpass enclosure will provide the best combination of accurate, powerful sound and exceptional reproduction of the lowest frequencies for seriously deep bass.

Wrapping Up

Scientists have now proven that the brain reacts faster to low frequencies. So be smart, and invest in a subwoofer for deep bass. (2)

Deep bass can come in any size, whether you want all that junk in your trunk or to feel the rumble from under your seat. The subwoofers on this list range from petite 8-inchers to outrageous 15-inch systems, but there’s one thing they all have in common: they can handle the lowest frequencies.

Deep bass hits like nothing else. It’s in our ears, our brain, and our bones. Upgrading your sound system with a subwoofer for deep bass will change your listening experience forever.

So don’t just hear it – feel it!

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